Mechanical rain gauge

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Mechanical rain gauge

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Miscellaneous Antennas. Diver USB interface cable. Misc chart recorder parts and accessories. Stevens Tempe Cell System. The tipping bucket rain gage is recognized as the standard for measuring rainfall and other precipitation in remote and unattended locations.

The integrated siphon mechanism delivers high levels of accuracy across a broad range of rainfall intensities. Each unit consists of a collector funnel with stainless steel leaf filter, an integrated siphon control mechanism, an outer enclosure with quick release fasteners, and base which houses the tipping bucket mechanism. The bucket tips when precipitation of 0. You will be subscribed to the Stevens Water newsletter you can unsubscribe any time.

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Electronic level gauges consist of a transmitter and a receiver. The electronic indicator inside the tank transmits a wireless signal to a receiver located in the home or office.

Level gauges with electronic indicators eliminate the need for you to go to the actual physical location of the tank to read the water level. Water tank level gauges with mechanical indicators work by using a weighted float and an indicator. The indicator is connected to a counter-weight which moves down with the rising water level and lifts up the float. Level gauges with mechanical indicators are precisely accurate, as the sliding indicator located on the outside of the tank is able to match with the water level exactly.

Unlike level gauges with electronic indicators, those with mechanical indicators will never go down on you. Since there are no electronic parts,no power source is required and certainly no batteries.

That makes these gauges an appealing option over those with electronic indicators. Of course, the best one is whichever most closely suits the needs of your rainwater harvesting system. Please see our full selection of water tank level gauges below.

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All Rights Reserved. All prices are in USD. Compare Now. Please wait Currency Displayed in. Wish Lists.The rain gauge is a meteorological instrument for measuring the amount of precipitation especially rainfall amounts fallen during a given time interval at a certain location. In short — the rain gauge are used to measure rainfall. It is commonly used in personal or automatic weather stations.

There are different types gauges, some use direct measurement technique or others are completely automatic. You probably wonder what type of measurement units are used, and the answer is — usually inches millimeters or liters per square meter.

The interior of the rain gauge funnel has special coating to reduce the wetting of the surface. The cone of the funnel should be deep enough, which allows the water to flow without any risk of splash. Mesh filter are used to prevent debris like leaves of bird droppings from clogging the gauge.

Place the rain collecting device at a sufficient height usually 3 feet from the groundand at a distance of several feet from other objects ensures that there will be no water rebound from floor or objects around. The rain gauges were originally manual, that is to say, a meteorological technician had to come and regularly check the rainfall amounts and empty the unit — a tedious job especially with high amounts of rain.

With technological advancement in the early twenty-first century, the gauges were equipped with sensors that enable electronic collection of data to be continuous and form a distance. However, manual rain gauges are reliable and accurate and are still used by amateurs or networks of volunteer observers.

The standard rain gauge was developed at the beginning of the twentieth century and consists of a graduated cylinder 2 cm diameter in which the collection funnel drains.

Most of these gauges use scale from 0. If the main unit accumulates too much water, the surplus is directed to a bigger container with diameter around 20 cm.

You record the total rainfall by measuring the total height reached on the cylinder. This is a straight forward device and quite easy to use. The tipping bucket gauge is made of collector funnel that directs the rain towards a two small containers, positioned on either side of a horizontal axis. The water collects inside one of the buckets that flip horizontally when it reaches the required weight, and discharges trough the force of gravity.

The amount of precipitation is measured by the number of switchovers carried by the buckets, detected by a mechanical or optical system. The advantage of this type of gauge is that it measures the rate of precipitation in addition to the total rainfall.

However, when the precipitation rate is too high it may jam and report inaccurate rainfall data.Rain Gauges Are you looking for a rain gauge? Then you've come to the right place! View our colorful garden rain gauges below! These rain gauges are for measuring rainfall in inches! Our quality solid brass and whimsical rain gauges are perfect for any garden or patio.

Remote Rain Gauges

Let it rain, let it rain! Big Read Rain Gauge 5" Capacity. The AcuRite 28" Big-Read Jumbo Rain Gauge measures up to 5 inches of rain water and features bright red markings - visible from up to 60 feet away! Removable funnel guard prevents debris and collects rain for instant measurement.

Rainfall amount is indicated by colored floating ring and red markings on gauge scale. Durable, weather resistant acrylic construction. Includes mounting bracket for easy installation. One-year limited warranty. Makes a wonderful gift!

Add to Cart. Bird Rain Gauge Spice. Measure rainfall with this colorful Spice Bird Rain Gauge. Comes with 30" push-in garden stake and glass rain gauge. It is both a practical and delightful addition to your home or patio. Made of ceramic, metal and glass. Bird Rain Gauge Teal. Measure rainfall with this colorful Teal Bird Rain Gauge.

Brass Spiral Rain Gauge. These popular handcrafted Brass Spiral Rain Gauges are more beautiful than ever! With a natural river stone as its base, this gauge stands tall in the garden as it records how much rainfall your yard is getting. A finish coating of UV-protectant ensures that the piece will last for years outdoors. Attractively boxed for gift giving.

Measure rain fall with this beautifully crafted cast brass four dragonflies rain gauge.

mechanical rain gauge

Comes with garden stake and glass rain gauge. Makes a great gift! Measure rain fall with this beautifully crafted cast brass three frogs rain gauge. Decor Rain Gauge Bronze Patina. This glass dual purpose rain and watering gauge accurately measures inches or millimeters of water.

Whether used to measure rain during a storm or to determine water usage from your irrigation system this versatile rain gauge can be staked in gardens and potted plants or post mounted on fences. Decor Rain Gauge Satin Nickel. Plan the day with confidence with your own accurate and up-to-date rainfall information — right from your own backyard.

The bold, easy to read LCD screen displays daily rainfall and records rainfall history, including a rainfall event, 1 day or 7 days of measurements.Thank you Your Enquiry has been sent successfully. Download Brochure. Product Price: Get Latest Price. These Rain Gauge are available in mechanical and Digital operating options and are manufactured using quality basic material.

Offered at competitive p[rices in the market, further, our clients can avail these Rain Gauge in customized solutions as per client's requirements. Thank you! Your enquiry has been sent successfully. Your requirement has been sent successfully. Your Contact Information: not me. Swastik Scientific Company. Send E-mail. Send SMS. Self Recording Rain Gauge.

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Laboratory Measuring Instruments. Lab Multimeter And Manometer. Digital Altimeter. Laboratory Thermometers. Laboratory Meters.The RG Rain Gauge senses water hitting its outside surface using beams of infrared light. It uses the same sensing principle used in millions of automotive rain sensing windshield wiper controls.

mechanical rain gauge

The RG is optical— not mechanical, chemical, or conductive. Consequently, it is far more rugged, sensitive and reliable than any other technology. The sensor is extremely sensitive, and virtually immune to false trips. Yet, it is completely unaffected by jostling and motion.

There are no exposed conductors to corrode, and no openings for bugs to crawl into. There is no place for leaves or other debris to collect. Learn More. The RG may also provide drop detection for your own external data interpretation. The RG Rain Sensor can be used to control a wiper system on boat, ship, locomotive, and more.

See All Applications. In this mode, the Rain Gauge continuously monitors the clarity of the sensing surface. This mode will control the wipers from off through intermittent and steady-slow speeds. The patent-pending Rain Gauge optical design keeps the beams inside the sensor, away from the influences of falling leaves and spiderwebs. Applications for the Rain Gauge The RG Rain Gauge is suitable for almost any application that requires a reliable and sensitive rain sensor, including: Condensation Sensing You can use the RG to reliably detect condensation or frost.

Drop Detection The RG may also provide drop detection for your own external data interpretation. The Rain Gauge circuit board. The DIP switch programs the mode, and connections are made with convenient screw terminals. Tipping Bucket Replace your tipping bucket with a low maintenance alternative. Condensation Sensing In this mode, the Rain Gauge continuously monitors the clarity of the sensing surface. Wiper control This mode will control the wipers from off through intermittent and steady-slow speeds.

Irrigation Control This mode will measure both rain accumulation and rain intensity. Drop Detection Use this mode if you want to do your own external data interpretation. Email us at info hydreon.Read this article to learn about the two types of rain-gauge, i. It gives only total rainfall occurred during particular time period. Recording type rain- gauge gives hourly rainfall. This type is mentioned below.

It is the simplest in principle, construction and working. From the definition of unit rainfall it is clear that the definition is independent of extent of area. So far as only measurement of rainfall is concerned area under consideration may be large or small. Now taking smallest possible area, if the water, which comes down as rainfall, is collected before the losses take place or water runs off then the depth of this water over the small area can be quite accurately determined to give the amount of rainfall occurred in proper units centimeters.

The small area should be selected in such a way that its meteorological characteristics are similar to that particular large area which it represents. It consists of a funnel and a receiver mainly. The receiver is a cylindrical zinc metal bottle. The diameter of the bottle and the topmost diameter of funnel is mm. The funnel is fitted in the neck of the bottle. The base of the metal casing is enlarged to mm. The capacity of the bottle is such as to measure extremes of rainfall likely to occur in 24 hours.

Zinc receivers hold mm to mm according to size.

mechanical rain gauge

Gauge is provided with one measuring graduated jar which measures the water in mm. The smallest division on the jar is 0. The rainfall should be estimated to the nearest 0. See Fig. At the site where rainfall is to be measured concrete block us constructed. The base of the gauge is permanently fixed in the block in such a way that the top of the casing is about 30 cm above natural surface level.

While fixing the base of the gauge precaution is taken to level it perfectly. The rain-gauging station is protected by barbed wire fencing with a gate. The size of the concrete foundation block should be 60 cm x 60 cm. The necessity to keep the rim of the funnel above the natural surface by 30 cm is twofold:. The gauge is adjusted every day for measurement of rainfall. When rainfall occurs the rainwater covering area of the funnel passes to the receiver before any sort of loss takes place.

After every 24 hours the rainfall is measured.

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